The rave party is happening in just a few hours. Got nothing in your wardrobe? Why not mix and match and update by using iron on patches.

Iron on patches are basically small pieces of fabric embroidered with a logo or decoration. Normally, they are made to be sewn on to an outfit, but there are now patches that have iron on adhesive which is designed to adhere to fabric once applied by a hot iron.

How to Use

First and foremost, before even considering to buy an iron on patch, make sure to answer yes to all these questions:

• Is the outfit made of cotton or denim? These are the fabrics that are best candidates for patches. Now, if it so happens that the item in question isn’t either cotton or denim, maybe it should at least be made of material that can be ironed. We can check that through the label at the back.

Iron on Patches


• Have you made out your mind where to iron on the patch? Typical places would be the pockets or, in the absence of a pocket, the space where the pocket should be. But why not try the sleeves or the collars, the edges of the shirt, or even the legs of our denim pants?

Now that we have decided to use iron on patches, and that we already have the outfit and the placement of the patch in mind, it’s time to actually get the patch on that dress! Here are the very easy to follow steps:

• Lay the outfit flat on the iron stand. Of course, we got to position it in such a way that we’ll be seeing the spot where we are going to place the patch on straight away.

• Position the iron on patches right on top of the preferred spots. Don’t hesitate to do a round two or three of this step for multiple patches. We got to be kind of meticulous about this to avoid messy errors, or even ruining our entire outfit.

• Carefully put on a handkerchief over the patch. This serves as an extra layer of protection so that the patch décor itself won’t get distorted by the heat of the iron.

• Next, put the iron on the top of the handkerchief. There’s no need to run it through – just press it on top and wait for it to steam a little bit. Remember that the iron needs to be preheated prior to the process. Just a few seconds should be all it takes for the adhesive on the patch to react and make it adhere to the outfit.


• After ironing, remove the handkerchief and gently check if the patch has been secured. We can do this by gently pushing on the patch and see if it budges. If it does not, do not get the piece of clothing yet! Just allow it to cool completely, then get the piece and hang or wear to the rave party!

Now, here’s hoping that one really does not budge. Because if it does, we just might wound up sewing the patch in a rush, or worse, grabbing some Super Glue.

But for those who have decided that they actually loved the idea of patches for fashion, why not opt for custom patches? These are available for an incredibly low price at Patches4Less.com, which can be readily accessed here.

On this website, owning our very own custom iron on patches is just a simple three step process.

First: Think of a design which we could either sketch or Google or make the designers draft themselves if we just cannot come up with a detailed design idea.

Second:  Wait for the digitized version, which is basically the sample of the patch we wanted to have. Once you gave it your approval, that’s when Patches4Less proceeds to the third step – processing and creating the patches! Just click here to get your free quote.

Why should everybody choose Patches4Less?

Iron on Patches

The reason is plain and simple – as the site itself connotes, it is for those who intend to save more when it comes to purchasing patches. How can one save on this website? First off, the initial quote is always for free. If the initial digital proof is rejected and requested for alteration, the quote would still be free. We do not charge anything until after the client gets the design he wants. And then, there’s the addition of some colors and borders, also for free! Just click here to get your free quote now.

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