Challenge and custom coins are becoming more popular these days. With their various uses, we understand the reason why you also want to jump on this latest craze

If you want to have your own coins but are not sure where to get it, then look no further. Here, at, we provide the best services and various customization options in the industry. Here is how.

Challenge Coins

You Get Quality Coins is your one stop shop to military, police and fire department challenge coins. We know how these coins represent your dedication, integrity and service to the nation. With this in mind, you are guaranteed that we will only make the best challenge coins that you can carry with pride.

On the other hand, we also take pride in making the best corporate coins in town. We know how you value your employees, and giving corporate coins to recognize their feats is your way to appreciate them. By knowing that, we make it a point to provide only excellent products to help you achieve your goals.

You Get the Best Service

Aside from topnotch quality, you also have a guarantee of fast and efficient service at ChallengeCoins4Less. Creating custom coins can never be as easy as our 4-step process. All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

1. Send us your idea – Be it design sketches, descriptions or logos, we can start working on your custom coins as soon as you provide us with your ideas.

2. Choose your shape – ChallengeCoins4Less can provide you with any shapes for your custom coins. Just give us the instruction and we will have it done in a jiff.

3. Choose a metal style – With our 8 metal styles, you can have varying coin effects depending on what you choose.

4. Choose your options – We offer several customization options to make unique coins for you. You just have to choose your preferred style from 3D design, epoxy coating and more.

Choose from Tons of Customization Options

At, you are given tons of customization options. Choose your preferred metal styles, finishing, colors, cut shape, and edge design to get a one-of-a-kind custom coin.

  • Metal Styles

Choosing the right metal style will help achieve your desired coin look. To capture that perfect look, we offer different metal styles including gold, silver, copper, black nickel and brass. You can even combine styles for a duo-tone appearance.

  • Finish


Another way to customize your coins is through the finishing, which can make a drastic change on their appearance. We offer both antique and polished finishing for your coins, each with different advantages over the other.The antique finishing is perfect to make the texts and design stand out. On the contrary, polished coins may create light tones that will make design and texts less visible and less readable. However, polished coins are preferred if you want to apply colors on your custom coins.

  •  Colors

Coloring also plays a big role in the end result of custom coins. Some prefer the traditional look without color, while some opt to have them colored.

Colored coins are actually more visually appealing than traditional coins. However, coins without color offer more text readability and design visibility.

  • Cut Shape

Whether you want the traditional round coin or prefer a custom shaped one, we got you covered. We offer shape customization, so achieving that emblems, dog tags and polygon shape coins is now possible.

  • Edge Design

For an elegant look, we offer diamond cut edges for your custom coins. You can choose from different cut styles such as cross-cut, rope-cut, oblique-cut and wave-cut edges.

And More Options

Aside from the customization options above, you can also customize your coins further with the following options:

•  Epoxy Coating – For a lasting appearance, protect your coins with epoxy coatings.

•  3D Designs – Choose 3D designs for a bolder look. 3D designs work best for real-life 3D objects to be engraved on your coins.

•  Engraved Text – It is possible to engrave the texts on the edge of the coins for a classical look.

•  Offset Print – Want photos printed on your custom coins? Then offset printing is your choice.

•  Sequential Numbering – This option is perfect for organizations and groups with ranking systems.

•  Translucent Enamel – For a bolder look, have translucent enamel on your custom coins.

•  Keychain Attachment – Coins do not need to serve their traditional purpose all the time. Keychain attachment coins are now available for a different coin use.

•  Bottle Opener – Need to have a gift for your drinking buddies? Then the bottle opener coin is your best choice.

•  Packaging – Here at, we value the packaging of your coins. Aside from the free standard flexible PVC pouch we offer, you also have the option to avail our special packaging. You can choose from coin capsules, velvet coin pouch or velvet presentation box.

Getting your own custom coins does not have to be a stressful task. With our services, we guarantee that you are in safe hands.


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